Firefox 1.5 and Tabbed Browsing on OS X

Firefox 1.5, released yesterday, breaks the Cmd+Tab/Cmd+Shift+Tab shortcut for switching tabs that I had grown to love so much and was one of the primary reasons I've stuck with Firefox over Camino and Safari. Instead, Firefox now uses Cmd+Option+Left/Right, which requires use two hands and some hunting around.

Enter keyconfig, an extension designed to allow users to add and modify keyboard shortcuts. A comment on the extention page details how to add next/previous tab functionality to keyconfig using gBrowser.mTabContainer.advanceSelectedTab(±1); Unfortunately, that command didn't allow for looping through tabs, so I modified the code a bit to allow for that functionality. Here it is:

Next Tab

if (gBrowser.mCurrentTab.nextSibling)
     gBrowser.mTabContainer.selectedIndex = 0;

Previous Tab
if (gBrowser.mCurrentTab.previousSibling)
     while (gBrowser.mCurrentTab.nextSibling)

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Comments (2) left to “Firefox 1.5 and Tabbed Browsing on OS X”

  1. Thom Brooks wrote:

    Your 'next tab' code and mine were pretty much word for word, but here's a slight improvement on the 'previous' code. HTH.

    // previous tab, cycle to last one if at beginning
    // call method to go to tab:
    gBrowser.mTabContainer.selectedIndex = gBrowser.mTabContainer.childNodes.length-1;

    Thom Brooks
    Chicago, IL

  2. Thom Brooks wrote:

    Darnit, there's an even simpler solution:


    The second argument to the function, which defaults to false, specifies that you want to loop back and forth when you cycle through tabs.

    Still, it was a fun programming exercise and taught me about using the DOM Inspector to look at xbl bindings. Firefox is a pretty cool app.